BREAKING NEWS! Henry Segura, Jr. ARRESTED for the Murders of Brandi Peters & 3 Kids =>

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – More than nine months after a family of four was found dead in their Tallahassee home, a man is behind bars Friday.

"Today we are closing one chapter and opening another in the Peters family," said Tallahassee Police Chief Dennis Jones.

Jones announced Henry Segura Junior was captured at 6:22 am Friday in Cleveland, Minnesota.

Police says Segura murdered Brandi Peters, her twin daughters Taniyah and Tamiyah Peters and her son Javante Segura.

According to authorities, Javante was also the son of Henry Segura.

Police aren’t saying how they found their man, and no motive has been given.

All court documents have been sealed.

Police have released few details of this case since the family of four was found murdered in their Saddle Creek Run home on November 20th, 2010.

Leon Scott lived right next door to Brandi and her children.

"It was just a tragic event, we don’t talk about it much anymore, it was just tragic,” said Scott, “now, they found somebody, so everybody is just happy that that happened."

The crime scene tape may be gone, but there’s still an active investigation on what just happened at 908 Saddle Creek Run.

Police hope this arrest will lead to more people coming forward with information.

Anyone with information is asked to call Tallahassee Police at 850-891-4280.

Pastor Joseph Wright knew the family.

"Today of all days is the twins’ birthday,” said Pastor Wright, “so what a day to apprehend the perpetrator who committed the crimes.”

Segura is now being extradited to Tallahassee to face four counts of first degree murder.
ABC 27 also spoke to people that knew Henry Segura. They didn’t want to appear on camera, but told us they’re shocked and say Segura is not the type of person to do this.